No more sale .New will be upgraded and for sale in 2024/2025

Due to new technology development a new tracker will not be available before earliest in 2024/2025

(this domain is for sale)

Words smallest live pigeontracker only 8 gram!

Note. This is not a datalogger. This is a phone.Call it 5 min after release and it will show the pigeonlocation on a google map in seconds! You control everything easy from your phone.

It work in all country in the world!

This tracker is a small mobilephone to track your pigeons live during racing.

Call or send SMS to the phone at it will respond the location of your pigeon on a worldwide google map.

Location show up in map on your smartphone instantly or copy into URL on your PC.

The device using GPRS-technology and are special design to use for racingpigeon.

Dimension: 32 mm x 28 mm x 8 mm

The founder of the sensation small phone is at dedicate pigeonfancier located in Norway.

He is a well known pigeonfancier in Norway.

Price only 99 USD .Payment by PAYPAL

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