Test in official pigeonrace

The device are fully testet in a ordinary official pigonrace over distance up to 180 km.

The small black spots in map below show SMS mappoint received from the pigontracker live during the race.

The map was show in a big screen in Clubhouse belong to Haugesund Brevdueklubb in Norway.

The location was plot in the map live during the race. The fanciers have never felt so exciting for years when the first pigeon reached intermediateprize at longitude after 30 min! Award prize a bottle of wine was consumed in joy by the winner. After 60 min the the next intermediateprize was awarded to same pigeon,the next bottle was share with all fanciers.

The pigonsport is not the same in this club anymore,taking the first step into the future.

The redline show the path of pigion 13-8355A belong to .Lien speed 1119,80 m/min

17th price just 13 min behind the winner. The pigeontracker was attach to the foot to the pigeon.

Race 180 km from Skinnarbu to Haugesund 12.October 2013

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