Note! Deactivate PIN-code before insert the SIM-card.

Pigeon TrackerManual

Pigeon Tracker is a good tool to track pigeons during races.

Coin Sizel Very Light l High Accuracy with Three Base Stationsl

Small Energy Output, Energy Saving,

Good Standby Timel Multi Functions Position,

Tracking, Auto Switch, Auto Reply

Simple OperationBy Dial or SMS (Only One Letter)

Device Structure :

Simple Operation

1. Insert a standard 2G GSM SIM card as the direction indicated by the icon printed on the tracker.

(The white icon is for SIM card direction,do not use force)

2. Push Switch key to ON. After LED indicator is in blue a second and then disappear, the device start to work.

3. Dial the SIM card number and hang up soon or send a SMS "wĒ or "WĒ by mobile phone, the device can send back a location link to reply the dial mobile phone.

To log in the link you can see the device location in the map. And the map can skip to Google map at the bottom button.

l Ensure there is enough money on the SIM cardl Switch ON and blue light is flashing at charging. After full power, blue light is long lasting.

More Functions

To send below command to the device by SMS can get wonderful functions. (Both lowercase and capital letter are OK.)

W - Location Checking

PN - Nís Range 1~24 (hours)Powering Saving: After N hoursí shutdown, automatically switch on and inform the location.

AN - Nís Range 0~1440 (minutes)A0 means to cancel auto reply.Auto Reply Location every N minutes.

Recommend A10 in short races and A60 during longdistance races.

The battery 150 mAh has capasity to respond 15-20 SMS during the race,

Accuracy is 100 m i urban area and up to 1-10 km i remote area.

This means pigeontracker is not design to find a lost pigeon!

Massage Feedback Meaning

at P start, means Switch On

at C start, means Check Position by Dial

at A start, means Reply Position at Setting Time

at W start, means Send Message to Check Position

For example

w,b=83%, the current position and Battery 83%


Dimension: 32mm*28mm*8mm

Net Weight: 8g

Color: Black

Battery: 150mAh

Standby Time: 2 days

Location Model: GSM Cell

Location Screen: None


Indicator Light: Yes

Charge Pin: micro 5pin USB


GSM band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

It is different choices to attach the device to the pigeon See all information at this website

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